Empower Your Family with a Growth Mindset

Teaching mindfulness empowers children to see beyond challenges and find the solution. Young minds can be prone to emotional outbursts and frustrations. Through these daily activity sheets your youngster will learn the benefits of gratitude, empathy and resilience. Grab your family’s free mindfulness bundle and begin teaching a growth mindset today.

“Every home should have one for each child! Five minutes of mindfulness will ensure that our children become emotionally intelligent adults!”


Simply Kids at Heart

Simply Kids was created by behaviour specialist, Stephanie Wicker, as an avenue of support for parents, families and early childhood educators.  Our mission is to provide families with simple, sensible solutions to the challenges which may be interrupting their connection with their children, through home visits, parent coaching and practical online resources.

Challenging childhood behaviours like disobedience, defiance and aggression can trigger an emotional reaction in us as adults. When a person feels like they’re under attack, it leads to a defensive mindset which places a wedge between the adult and the child.

Our goal is to simplify why children do what they do and remove the wedge in the parent/child relationship during difficult behaviours. When we understand the purpose behind a child’s actions, we become more empathetic and reasonable. Children are not out to get us or make us feel bad - they are simply kids doing what their developing brains are supposed to do.

It’s up to us to take responsibility for guiding them through their early childhood with respect for them as equal human beings.  We at Simply Kids are here to support families on this journey, from chaos to calm, happy families.