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Five mindfulness activities for families to practice each week plus a bonus cut out. Enjoy introducing a growth mindset in your home.


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Simply Kids provides parenting resources through our online shop and evidence-based articles. Check out our shop for families teaching mindfulness and behaviour through activities and conversations.

We are excited to offer local, parenting and behaviour workshops in Sydney. Learn more about our classes to equip yourself with the tools you need to be the parent you wish to create for your family. 

Simply Kids' foundation for family support lies in behaviour consultancy and parent coaching. These services are available through online channels, in-home visits and preschool or daycare support. 


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Designed for parents and teachers feeling overwhelmed by the day to day challenges brought on by raising and teaching young children.

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An exciting time which will leave you in stitches one minute, and begging for your sanity the next. If you have a little one going through the terrible twos, the threenager stage or just want to ensure your child grows to be emotionally strong, independent and resilient - this is for you.


We have friendly staff standing by to support your family. Reach out and begin an adventure of your own! Sydney-based families can book an in-home visit and receive parent coaching in the comfort of their own home. Watch evidence-based techniques in person and benefit from expert training and advice on the spot!

For our distant clients, do not despair! We have phone and video consults available at a new low, monthly price. Access unlimited phone support, school focus reports (for kiddos in daycare to preschool) and video coaching each month. 

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