Stephanie Wicker is amazing!!!! Her passion and knowledge radiate as she shares such valuable information on how best to help children overcome difficulties in regards to their behavior. I highly recommend Stephanie’s services to not only parents but educators and Teachers as well. All of her knowledge is science based and is proven to be effective and her support is genuine.
— Bree, Owner - Operator at B Minor Music


Stephanie Wicker is an educator, speaker and counsellor supporting families and educators through the murky waters of early childhood behaviour. Providing evidence-based consultations and therapy, she supports families craving stronger relationships and sustainable behaviour support.

Teaching special needs children and studying early intensive behaviour intervention for over six years laid the foundation for her work with her company, Simply Kids. Grounded in behaviour science, Stephanie's passion for Relational Frame Theory (RFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and developmental psychology play a big role in her coaching programs. Stephanie hosts live training events all over Australia and provides private, in-home therapy sessions in Sydney.

If this sounds familiar, you're in the right place!

·         You are struggling to connect with your child when they act out.

·         Your child’s behaviour has become overwhelming almost daily.

·         Other areas of your life are being affected by your child’s challenging behaviour.

·         You adjust your life to suit your child in order to avoid any embarrassment in public.

·         You find yourself worrying that your child won’t make friends easily.

·         Your relationships with others have been overshadowed by your need to attend your child.

·         You find it hard to enjoy parenting sometimes.

·         You repeat yourself constantly and still, no one listens to you.

·         You have had to rely on bribes and threats in order to get into a routine.

·         You love your child very much and are ready to understand their development and how you can make daily connections while building amazing behaviour at home.



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