"Smacking, spitting, scratching, screaming… What happened to my angel?!"

Are you tired of the…

Fighting, Pushing, Arguing, Screaming, Bickering, Scratching, and Pulling??

… if the answer is YES, then you need to read my latest behaviour e-book, Calm, Happy Families – Guiding Families from Aggression to Affection.

Whether your child is hurting others at preschool, their younger sibling at home or even yourself, you will find the support you’ve been looking for in this simple-to-read digital book.

In Calm, Happy Families, we explore the dynamics of sibling relationships and how to support daily family affection while tackling playground feuds as well as toddler aggression.  This family guide is suitable for parents of children aged 2-10 years old who are coping with aggressive behaviours.