I am spending the next 30 days practicing mindfulness. Join me?


Thirty days of living with intention!

From chaos to calm, join me for 30 days of living with intention.

Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment. When a person is truly mindful they no longer experience anxiety or self doubt because they have clarity and control over their CHOICES.

How often have you reacted to something and immediately regretted it?

Have you ever wished you could somehow control your own emotions such as anger, jealousy or frustration?

Hello lovelies,
This year, for me, is all about living with intention. This looks different for each person. My intention begins with listening to, knowing and trusting myself. I believe this is a very literal experience, which is why I'm starting with cleansing.

My 30 days will look like removing waste, removing hesitation and removing anxiety.

I will be sharing the exact steps I am taking to accomplish my goal of mindfulness over thirty days. This will be a very practical experience that anyone can join at any time.

This "challenge" (for lack of a better word) is all about YOU. For the first time ever, I am not talking about kids! Can you believe it??

Once we create our own intentional living we can move on to interpersonal relationships: being an intentional parent, being an intentional partner/spouse, and being an intentional friend.

We will be exploring those later this year, specifically intentional parenting AND teaching mindfulness at home.

I'll share my first post Sunday in here! Be sure to invite anyone you believe would find this helpful. Must be in the group to participate!

Simply Kids will be adding counselling services this year. To celebrate, I have created this 30 day experience to kick off the year!

Your behaviour guide and coach, Stephanie Wicker-Campbell, has been supporting families just like yours for almost fifteen years! Teaching special needs children and studying early intensive behaviour intervention for over six years laid the foundation for her work with Simply Kids. Grounded in behaviour science, Stephanie's passion for counselling and developmental psychology play a big role in her coaching programs. Defining success by the progress of her clients, her goal is to no longer be needed. So, get in touch and work her out of a job!

It's now easier than ever to book a session with our behaviour expert!

Stephanie Wicker