What does self-esteem mean for kids?

😎 One of the many skills Simply Kids spends a lot of focus on is building a child's self-esteem! So, what does that mean for a child to have a "healthy self-esteem"?

Self-esteem is when we have a true sense of our own identity and values.

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Self-esteem is shown in how we contribute in our family, school and community. A person with a healthy self-esteem is adaptive and flexible.

An example of self-esteem is like a tree. A tree may blow back and forth in the harsh winds but because of its deep ROOTS it stands firm and remains consistent.

A child with self-esteem feels sadness and pain like the rest of us but those feelings do not change who they are or lead them to making decisions that compromise their core values. This is because their identity is intrinsic and true.

I recall speaking with a primary school girl who had found out a group of girls had written something cruel about her on the bathroom wall. When I asked her how she was she said that she was fine because what they had written wasn’t true. I was impressed by the maturity of this answer! She demonstrated a healthy self-esteem. You see, she KNEW herself and recognised that nothing was lost when those girls decided to attack her by writing on the wall. Her self-esteem was her “tree’s root” and she was adaptive to life’s challenges (wind blowing the tree) thanks to her strong values and sense of self. 

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The Mindful Playbook is written for families ready to practice daily mindfulness and instil a growth mindset during the early years of their children’s lives giving them the best chance possible for a bright future.

Mindfulness is a way of life. One must practice daily for it to take a long term effect. Being mindful allows a person to be completely present and aware. This provides clarity, confidence and calmness. A person that practices mindfulness is able to bounce back from challenges and experiences an overall happier, more fulfilling life due to their growth mindset. They can foresee their own potential and meet it.

We will be exploring over 50 activities for building a growth mindset as a family. Experience the joys of being kind to yourself and overcoming the overwhelm we often face in our day to day lives.

Stephanie Wicker