Three simple steps towards achieving the life you crave! 


If you are struggling to make small or big changes in your life, maybe you feel stuck or incapable, these simple steps will get you closer to your goal.

Often, we avoid change out of fear and don’t even realise the effect negative self-talk has on our lives and decisions.

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Shaping self-talk is a process. It doesn’t happen over-night. However, changing the way we visualise the change in our lives can take us a giant leap closer to creating that change we desire for ourselves and out of reach of our inner fears.

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1. Find your mission and put it into words. What is your personal mission statement? If you could define your (parenting/health/career/relationship) goal into one sentence or paragraph, what would it be?

2. Use intention. Stop browsing and spend your time with intention!! CHOOSE what you want to learn and go tackle it with 100% of your attention. Consistent psychological studies have shown that multitasking is not conducive to success. Get clear. Have intention. Be specific.

3. Engage in what you care about and say “No” to what you do not. Re-energise your mindset by focusing on what matters. This means letting go of the comparison game. Stop following the crowd and comparing yourself to others. This means letting go of the blame game. Stop blaming your partner or in-laws for parenting challenges. Simply engage where you find fulfillment and let the rest go. This is harder than it sounds sometimes but once you make it a practice (through daily decisions and actions!) it will radically improve your overall wellbeing.

Finding clarity and confidence in decisions will increase.
Feeling excited about change will kick in. 
Fear and self-doubt will diminish.

Now let's teach our kids!

It all begins with you. So, go get 'em tiger! We are already working on part 2 of The Mindful Playbook where I will cover how to put these three amazing steps into action through family time activities and conversations! 


We, at Simply Kids, focus primarily on three areas of development; self-esteem, self-soothing and intrinsic self-control through our practiced child-centred approach. A child-centred approach is evidence-based solutions based on the concept that children act out in order to get their needs met as best they know how. Children are not “bad” people that are out to “get us” or make us feel bad about ourselves. With appropriate and loving support, any child has the ability to learn and develop their self-esteem, self-soothing and intrinsic self-control skills that ultimately create happier, more confident children. 

In home support is available for Sydney families ready to take their homes from chaos to calm through parent coaching, counselling services and phone consultancy. Simply Kids creator and behaviour consultant, Stephanie Wicker, has been supporting families just like yours for almost fifteen years. By learning simple, evidence-based solutions to challenging behaviour, parents and teachers find peace and confidence in dealing with tantrums, aggression, defiance and disobedience. If you are a parent or teacher seeking solutions to challenging behaviour or simple ideas for boosting daily connections and relationships, contact us today and make behaviour easy!

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