Help Me Name My Book!

Help me name my book! 📚🙏

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I am sitting at my desk reviewing my latest manuscript and feel accomplished knowing I am so close to publishing my first book. As excited as I am with the content, I can't help feeling a bit overwhelmed whenever my mind lingers over the title of the book.

So, I thought it was time to tackle things from a new, fresh angle. I want to hear what YOU think I should name my book. Keep reading if you would like to learn more about the book and share your idea for a title! If I choose your suggestion you will receive a FREE copy once it's released with recognition on my social media channels! Woohoo! Let's do this

📖About the book: 
Early childhood is an absolute adventure! BUT, it's also an absolute whirlwind of challenges and emotions on both sides. This book is written for parents feeling overwhelmed or powerless during those early stages of their little one's life. Ideally written for ages 18months to 7 years old, this book is packed with activities, lessons and daily hacks for building listening, connection and overall happier, calmer children.

Readers will take away:

  • 10 ways to talk so your child will listen and cope when things aren't going their way
  • 10 activities for connecting on the floor with your child while building their self-regulation and emotional strength
  • 5 ways to teach positive thinking each week AND incorporate a healthy mindset of your own (we can't teach what we don't know!)
  • Cut outs for daily, positive affirmations and positive thinking

Parents struggling with defiance, tantrums, aggression and overall disobedience will LOVE this book. Everything needed for an antecedent, supportive approach to behaviour is found between these pages.

Easy to read, this book can be finished in a few hours if the reader is zealous enough! BUT the golden nuggets of wisdom should be practiced for years to come. Practical and action based, I've created an experience for parents ready to make gentle, powerful changes in their home and how they approach behaviour challenges.

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A lil about me: I'm an educator and speaker. I've been supporting children and families through the early stages of development for over 15 years. I began as a preschool teacher and was drawn to behaviour studies pretty early on during my years teaching. A young boy I taught changed my life when he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This led me down the path of researching behaviour analysis and developmental psychology once I realised I did not have the tools I needed to truly connect with him. Those passion led years are what opened opportunities for me to intern with Australia's top behaviour clinics and work in behaviour therapies shortly following. Now, I run my own company organising teaching events, filming series and speaking. All the while, you can still find me in my clients homes working 1:1 with families because I believe raising kids is a very, personal business and I hope to inspire as many parents and educators as possible to connect, empower and support kiddos during those beautiful, explorative years of early childhood.

Phew! OK! So what do YOU think I should name this book? I am deliberately leaving out all the different titles that have popped into my head while I write it so you bring a fresh, non biased approach to naming it. As I said before, if I choose your name you will receive a FREE copy when it's released with a massive shout out on all my social media platforms! (Unless, you're an introvert and prefer to avoid the attention, of course!)

Thank you for reading this all the way through and I can't wait to hear your responses! Send them here.

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