Activities and Conversations for Confident and Considerate Kids!

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OVER 50 Activities and Conversations for Confident and Considerate Kids!!

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The Mindful Playbook is written for families ready to practice daily mindfulness and instil a growth mindset during the early years of their children’s lives giving them the best chance possible for a bright future.

Mindfulness is a way of life. One must practice daily for it to take a long term effect. Being mindful allows a person to be completely present and aware. This provides clarity, confidence and calmness. A person that practices mindfulness is able to bounce back from challenges and experiences an overall happier, more fulfilling life due to their growth mindset. They can foresee their own potential and meet it.

We will be exploring over 50 activities for building a growth mindset as a family. Experience the joys of being kind to yourself and overcoming the overwhelm we often face in our day to day lives.

The beauty of mindfulness is that it is already present in all of us. You do not need to lose your personality or parenting style when adapting a growth mindset into your family routine. It simply builds on your characteristics and makes you the best version of yourself. Enjoy these evidence-based activities and tips for creating a mindful family.

We will be learning mindfulness through lessons for parents, interactive activities and conversation starters. Keep in mind that this workbook isn’t meant to be read in one sitting. Work through it with your child and try to dedicate time for 1-2 pages a day. It’s great for beginning family time and becoming engaged with your kids.


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Growth Mindset
Emotional Thinking
Daily Gratitude
Positive Self Talk
Breathing and Body
Showing Kindness

As you work through this book, you’ll find activity sheets to do WITH your child, as well as conversation starters to open up positive communication. It’s about creating connections and talking about what matters most.

You’ll also find many tips for modeling a growth mindset, because it all begins with us.

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*This is a downloadable version and will need to be printed before use.*

About the author: Stephanie Wicker is an educator, speaker and counsellor supporting families and educators through the murky waters of early childhood behaviour. Providing evidence-based consultations and therapy, she supports families craving stronger relationships and sustainable behaviour support.

Teaching special needs children and studying early intensive behaviour intervention for over six years laid the foundation for her work with her company, Simply Kids. Grounded in behaviour science, Stephanie's passion for Relational Frame Theory (RFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and developmental psychology play a big role in her coaching programs. Stephanie hosts live training events all over Australia and provides private, in-home therapy sessions in Sydney.

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