How to raise resilient kids for a calmer, happier home.

 Module 2 : Raising Resilience

Making good decisions even when we're experiencing hardships and challenges comes from an ability to bounce back in the moment and to be able to be mindful and to know that it's okay to feel discomfort and it is possible to get better at something. That is what empowers us to make better decisions in the moment. And it's also true for children. What we're describing here is called resilience. Resilience is a bit of a buzz word right now. Over the next few lessons, we're going to be looking at how to define resilience very specifically and how to begin practicing it as early as the toddler years.

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 Module Two Lessons & Downloads


Bonus Video Lesson - Quality Time

Research has shown that when children feel connected with their parent, educator or primary caregiver, their ability to regulate their decisions and to cooperate greatly improves. Connection can be as simple as spending 10 minutes of quality one on one time every day. It doesn't take much to create strong relationships with children. Studies have shown that 10 minutes is more than enough as long as we create quality time.


So, how do we create quality time with 10 minutes every day? I want to explore just a few ways that we can do this. I think the most important way is to start out by taking an interest in your child's interests, showing a genuine engaged attitude around things that your child cares about. This can look like sitting down with them on the floor. So if your child is already playing with Lego, rather than saying, "Hey, come read a story with me," or "Hey, let's go to the park," rather than that, just join them on the floor where they already are.

Go where they are and then do what they are doing. Engage in the activity that they are already playing in and that they're already engaged in. If they're coloring at the table, just sit down and start coloring with them. If they're building a fort in their bedroom, go join them. Build a fort, raid the fort. Right? Have some fun with it. Get creative, get silly.

Another way to create quality time is really to drop the plans, drop the structure. So often we are so organized and we want to make sure that we are making the most of every moment of the day. But for kids, their creativity thrives from boredom. Sometimes by simplifying the day, we actually have a better opportunity and a better chance of making a meaningful connection by getting creative and getting silly with them. By taking an interest in their interests, simplifying the day, and dedicating just 10 minutes of one on one time, that connection is going to skyrocket, and you're going to find that your relationship automatically begins to improve that easily.


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