How to raise resilient kids for a calmer, happier home.

Replacing Punishment with Emotional Coaching

Video three introduces your family to emotional coaching! Learn how to replace overwhelm and second guessing yourself with confident, evidence based discipline.

My mission is to support you through your journey of raising confident, heart centred humans. Using a holistic approach to behaviour and emotional development, I promise to deliver evidence based, sensible solutions for the busy, modern family. I’m here to empower you to navigate your children through life’s challenges calmly and mindfully. 

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Putting everything into action!

Invitation to work with me!


Becoming Your Child’s Emotional Coach - Class Topics Include


Calm, happy kids -

Understanding your little one’s behaviour and emotional development

Reasoning with the Unreasonable -

Teaching youngsters early steps in reasoning

From Aggression to Affection -

How to guide your child or student through aggressive behaviours

How to Talk so Children Listen -

How to be an effective coach with your child(ren)

Raising Resilience -

Defining your child’s need for risk and independence while supporting their growth mindset

Replacing Punishment with Emotional Coaching -

Why most punishment doesn’t work and what to do instead


The Experience

I hope you will join me and all the like minded families learning how to navigate their children through life’s challenges calmly and mindfully!

Grab your spot in my group coaching program to receive abundant, evidence based behaviour support for your family. Each week for eight weeks we tackle hot parenting topics including tantrums, defiance, aggression, disobedience, relationships and more. Becoming Your Child’s Emotional Coach covers incredible insight into your child’s most challenging behaviour and step by step action to boosting your little one’s connection, empowerment and encouragement. By focusing on these three areas your child will develop resilience, confidence and compassion for others. Enjoy parenting again and join our community of like minded parents supporting their children through life’s challenges calmly and mindfully. This experience is available for the lifetime of the program. Purchase now and access the content as many times as you need!

Are you ready to make some changes in your home? Book your spot now and access the member’s learning area where you can study at your own pace, plus join our LIVE community to dive into meaningful, growth centred conversations.


What Families are saying…

"We have 3 children, 8-year-old daughter, and twin 5-year-old boys who could not be more different! Our Family was struggling to communicate with each other without yelling at each other even when trying to do the smallest of tasks like getting on our shoes or getting in the car. This usually ended in tears (either me or the kids) I struggled to understand why one of our children got so angry all the time and this was really ruining our relationship with him and as a family. When we joined Simply Kids, and started learning about how children’s brains work, and working through the content I suddenly had my ‘lightbulb moment’. I was able to use the information and cater it to my children’s ages and needs, and before we knew it, we were communicating more effectively and without the tears and tantrums. It hasn’t always been easy but like any good relationship it takes work and effort from everyone to keep our calmer happier home. Things I need to remember and things I have learned on our journey this far, is that our kids are not behaving badly to get at me, this is not personal. They need love, support and to feel listened to and empowered. Not every moment is a teaching moment, sometimes no does mean no but have fun and make the time for each other."

“I have always known I wanted to be a great parent to my son, I have studied and participated in several different courses in hope of gaining some understanding of what my sons behaviour means and how I can help him have a voice and guide him through his development whilst managing challenging behaviours in a way that won’t scar him for life. No other course has been as rewarding as ‘Becoming Your Child’s Emotional Coach.’ I understand my little guy and I enjoy him so much more now. I’m not scared to try new things with him anymore, we talk, we understand each other, we laugh and we love.

The coaching process is easy. If you miss things you can catch up and Stephanie is so easy to open up to; it’s like speaking to your best friend that you’ve know for years.”


Meet Stephanie

Simply Kids was created by behaviour specialist, Stephanie Wicker, as an avenue of support for parents, families and early childhood educators.  Our mission is to provide families with simple, sensible solutions to the challenges which may be interrupting their connection with their children, through home visits, parent coaching and practical online resources.

Challenging childhood behaviours like disobedience, defiance and aggression can trigger an emotional reaction in us as adults. When a person feels like they’re under attack, it leads to a defensive mindset which places a wedge between the adult and the child.

Our goal is to simplify why children do what they do and remove the wedge in the parent/child relationship during difficult behaviours. Learn more.


Learn how to be your child’s emotional coach!


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