I'm here to help you feel confident in your discipline!

What I hear most from parents is that they feel ashamed for relying on punishments and threats to get their kiddos to cooperate. I would love to help you replace that guilty feeling with pride in "Wow! I stayed calm and it worked!!"

Being a 'happy' parent, like everything else in our lives, comes and goes. Not every day is going to feel good! BUT, every day can be one step closer to becoming the calm, happy parent you always envisioned for yourself.

Using a holistic approach to behaviour and emotional development, I promise to deliver evidence based, sensible solutions for the busy, modern family. I’m here to empower you to navigate your children through life’s challenges calmly and mindfully.

Reach out to our friendly staff to learn if Becoming Your Child’s Emotional Coach group program is right for your family.

Simply Kids creator, Steph Wicker is available for speaking and presenting. You can learn more here.

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