How to raise resilient kids for a calmer, happier home.

Becoming Your Child’s Emotional Coach Module

Three part video module covering the importance of becoming your child’s emotional coach. Coaching always begins with understanding and relating to another individual. Every lesson depends on the connection. The key to relating to your children amidst the chaos is understanding their internal, often unexpressed struggle. If children could tell us how they were feeling and what their needs were instead of “acting out” we would be much more inclined to support them. Over the next twenty minutes you will learn exactly why it’s so important to become your child’s emotional coach. This is a great foundation for the remaining five modules in this coaching program.

Emotional regulation

Learn about your youngster’s emotional development and the impact it has on their behaviour.

Three D’s of Disobedience

Learn why children struggle to cooperate and evidence based strategies to begin making some big changes.

Replacing punishment

Learn why most punishment does not work and how to begin replacing consequences with emotional coaching.