Raising Resilience - Defining Resilience

Module two : Lesson one


Resilience is what allows us to bounce back after a challenge. It's what allows us to see past our discomfort in the moment and a potential solution that we can now aim for, but we're not always born with resilience.
It takes practice and it takes time to develop a healthy resilience. I want to share with you how we can define resilience and break it down into activities we can do with our kids as early as the toddler years.

The first thing to be focusing on in order to raise or teach resilience to kids is a healthy self-esteem. Self-esteem is that clear sense of identity and purpose. What is my role? What is my significance? What am I good at and what do I need help with?

Answering those questions can begin very early in a child's development. It's when we take the time to help children establish a healthy self-esteem that we're going to see an ability to be more flexible and more adaptable in difficult situations.

The next thing is understanding the difference in your child's motivation in their decision-making. This is understanding their self-control and what is that empowers us to regulate the decisions that we make and what steers and drives those decisions.

There are many different things that can stimulate self-control, but it's important to be practicing intrinsic self-control. We're going to be exploring that a little bit deeper in just a minute.

Finally, the third area that all children need to be practicing resilience is self-awareness. Self-awareness is similar to self identity, but it takes it a little bit further.

It's all about understanding the feelings that we are experiencing, defining them, exploring them actively, and spreading that awareness into other people through empathy.

When we tackle these three key areas, we're guaranteed to practice a child's resilience. In the next few lessons, we're going to break these down even further into actionable steps.


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