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 Guiding children through their behaviour calmly and mindfully!

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A fresh, relatable approach to behaviour.

Navigating children’s behaviour can be tough. Sometimes we question whether we are being too permissive or too under the thumb. The key to finding that balance begins with understanding our child’s behaviour and why they sometimes make poor decisions. Learn evidence based strategies for guiding behaviour calmly and mindfully.

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Are you struggling with:


·         Nagging

·         Whining

·         Rivalry

·         Arguing

·         Disobedience

·         Rudeness

·         Defiance

·         Aggression

·         Back Talk

·         Disinterest

·         Avoidance

·         Disrespect

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, disheartened or frustrated with your child’s difficult behaviours? Navigating behaviour can be tough! Kids have a way of finding our pressure points and testing those boundaries.

We long for connection and a sense of purpose from our children but sometimes behaviours have a way of interrupting our expectations and creating a wedge in our relationship.

So, how do we maintain a close bond while delivering discipline and follow through? How do we teach children to be respectful and considerate of others without coercing or coaxing them? How can we guide their decisions without taking over?

The key is fully understanding the impact your child’s emotional development has on their behaviour and decisions. When we commit to learning about children’s behaviour we empower ourselves to navigate challenges calmly and mindfully.

In the following modules we will be tackling common behaviour challenges and their solutions. Backed by decades of research, this course teaches evidence based strategies that are so simple anyone can introduce and so effective that instant results are guaranteed.

 You will learn how to:

·         Talk so your kids will listen and cooperate

·         Follow through calmly and confidently

·         Teach respect for boundaries of yourself and others

·         Discipline without belittling or shaming

·         Use consequences that actually work and stop relying on threats and bribes

·         Engage your child so that they enjoy learning from you

·         Stay connected even during confrontation

·         Diffuse defiance without losing your cool

·         Navigate your child’s feelings and decisions with them as a team

·         Introduce responsibilities without hearing daily complaints

·         Help your child build their confidence and resilience

·         Reason with your child and master their critical thinking

·         Gauge when your child needs solutions versus validation

·         Manage safe risk taking and independence

And more!!


Learning Modules

Over our powerful, concise video lessons you will learn with ease why children often make poor decisions and why regulating their behaviour can be so challenging. You will also learn exactly what you can do about it starting today! Move forward with confidence knowing everything is about to get a lot easier.


 What Families are Saying…

“Your explanation of the background behind those puzzling behaviours make so much sense and so easy to remember that it helps me to keep my calm in the challenging situations. “

“Stephanie Wicker has been an absolute godsend for our family and I truly believe that because of her simple strategies, our family is thriving. We now understand so much more about child behaviour and how to deal with a variety of parent concerns such as - sleeping through the night, compliance and defiance, increasing attention and focus at school, social relationships etc.”

“Stephanie has an incredible ability to deliver such powerful information in a way that is simple to understand and doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed. She has so much insight and shares it with such a passion. Thank you Stephanie!”

“Stephanie Wicker is amazing!!!! Her passion and knowledge radiate as she shares such valuable information on how best to help children overcome difficulties in regards to their behavior.”

"..The coaching process is easy. If you miss things you can catch up and Stephanie is so easy to open up to; it’s like speaking to your best friend that you’ve known for years..."

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 What’s included…


Video modules


Downloadable Readers


*Private Community

 Taking a closer look…


Module One - Beyond Behaviour

We all want children to be able to make good, reasonable decisions. When your child's emotions are heightened, chances are good that their midbrain is going to take over and start making their decisions for them, which usually leads to very disruptive, challenging, defiant behaviors. That makes it much harder for us to support them as well. In this Beyond Behaviour Module we will be exploring why children struggle to regulate their behaviour and what children need in order to be successful and cooperative!

  • Video One - Introduction to Emotional Coaching

  • Video Two - Emotional Brain Science

  • Video Three - Activating the Thinking Brain

  • Video Four - Replacing Punishment

  • Video Five - 3 D’s of Disobedience

  • Video Six - Module Review

Module Two - Raising Resilience

Making good decisions even when we're experiencing hardships and challenges comes from an ability to bounce back in the moment and to be able to be mindful and to know that it's okay to feel discomfort and it is possible to get better at something. That is what empowers us to make better decisions in the moment. And it's also true for children. What we're describing here is called resilience. Resilience is a bit of a buzz word right now. Over the next few lessons, we're going to be looking at how to define resilience very specifically and how to begin practicing it as early as the toddler years.

  • Video One - Introduction to Resilience

  • Video Two - Defining Resilience

  • Video Three - Tackling Self Esteem

  • Video Four - Making Good Decisions

Module three - Delivering Discipline

In this module, we're going to be exploring discipline. I want to combine everything that we have learned so far and put it into practical steps and positive solutions to very challenging behavior. All children thrive when they know their boundaries, and discipline is one of the ways that we can demonstrate clear, respectful boundaries with kids. More often than not, I hear from families and educators who worry that they're being overly permissive or maybe too harsh. In this module, we're going to be exploring that fine balance of gentle discipline and effective behavior strategies, which is entirely evidence-based.

  • Video One - Introduction to Discipline

  • Video Two - Boosting Cooperation Instantly

  • Video Three - Connection During Confrontation

  • Video Four - Diffusing Defiance

  • Video Five - Whining: High Probability vs Low Probability

  • Video Six - Nagging and Setting Boundaries

Bonus Lessons

  • Video One - Navigating Time Out

  • Video Two - Creating Quality Time

Conclusion - Bringing Everything Together Video Lesson

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Start Learning Now!

All interpersonal relationships take investment in order to thrive and raising kids doesn’t come with a manual! So, here’s the closest thing! This course comes with three tiers of support. Read more to learn which tier suits your family’s needs best. Please take into account that this course is 100% risk free. If within 14 days you are not satisfied with the learning content you can request a FULL refund, no questions asked.

Silver Support

Silver Support covers the price of the course. With twenty evidence based video lessons plus downloadable readers, your family are on good hands! Each module incorporates evidence based activities to do with your child or student to navigate their behaviour calmly and mindfully. Perfect for learning at your own pace.

Gold Support

Gold Support includes the Silver Support package plus access to my group coaching Becoming Your Child’s Emotional Coach. Group coaching comes with bonus webinars, LIVE coaching calls, bonus video lessons, VIP calls and weekly activities and printables for your family to engage in emotional coaching and resilience.

Platinum Support

Platinum Support includes the Silver and Gold Support packages plus individualised one on one coaching through Skype. Ideal for families looking for specific strategies to unique behaviour challenges or, simply, a more personalised approach. We schedule three sessions to create your Family Plan and put the course modules into action! This is best suited for families ready to make changes in their home and committed to supporting their child.


Meet Steph

Stephanie brings optimism and expertise to modern parenting challenges, helping to demystify puzzling childhood behaviour with simple, common-sense solutions to big challenges. She brings with her a virtual kitbag of tools to tackle tantrums, defiance and aggression which are as practical as they are positive. Learn more.


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