How to raise resilient kids for a calmer, happier home.
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child centred approach to behaviour

We, at Simply Kids, focus primarily on three areas of development; self-esteem, self-soothing and self-regulation through our practiced child-centred approach. A child-centred approach is evidence-based solutions based on the concept that children act out in order to get their needs met as best they know how. Children are not “bad” people that are out to “get us” or make us feel bad about ourselves. With appropriate and loving support, any child has the ability to learn and develop their self-esteem, self-soothing and self-regulation skills that ultimately create happier, more confident children. 

In home support is available for Sydney families ready to take their homes from chaos to calm through parent coaching, counselling services and phone consultancy. Simply Kids creator and behaviour consultant, Stephanie Wicker, has been supporting families just like yours for almost fifteen years. By learning simple, evidence-based solutions to challenging behaviour, parents and teachers find peace and confidence in dealing with tantrums, aggression, defiance and disobedience. If you are a parent or teacher seeking solutions to challenging behaviour or simple ideas for boosting daily connections and relationships, contact us today and make behaviour easy!


tantrums, aggression and defiance? oh my!

Are you struggling with tantrums, aggression and defiance at home? Have your consequences fallen flat time after time? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by your child's "acting out"? Is it creating a barrier whenever challenging behaviours crop up?

If you are reading this nodding your head, than hold on to your hat because that is all about to change! Parent coaching and behaviour consultancy equips parents and teachers with the tools to create a real change. Let's start by breaking down some common misconceptions about behaviour. First, problem behaviour does not mean that you are a bad parent nor that your child is a "naughty" demon kid! This is so important. We all act out when our needs are not being met. That is natural brain work. Secondly, children do not need to feel bad in order to do better. Evidence has shown that, ironically, the opposite is true. So, let's drop all the punishment that ain't working anyway! Lastly, your consequences are falling flat most likely due to they are not suited to the purpose behind your kiddo's choices. There is always a motivation pushing your child's behaviour. We will help you find that motivation and use to strengthen your connection and compassion amidst the chaos.

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why hire an expert?

If you are here, chances are good that you have struggled with some behavioural and relationship challenges at home or in your classroom. Maybe you're getting a bit desperate for help but don't know where to turn. Leave it to us, we will help you get sorted!

Behaviour expert, Stephanie Wicker, has been working with families for almost fifteen years. Believe me, she has seen it ALL. Preschool teacher, super nanny and special needs therapist are just some of the roles she has served building priceless experience and knowledge in the field of children's behaviour and development. 

There is only so much one can achieve from browsing the internet countless hours at night when the kids sleep, desperately searching for answers. Stephanie will walk you through why children act out and provide you with actionable steps you can take immediately to see instant results. Resourcing evidence based interventions from her education and experience in behaviour analysis (the science of how we learn), developmental psychology and of course, on the ground action in preschools, homes  and therapy sessions, she has your family covered!