Affirmation Flashcards for Children (Download)

Affirmation Flashcards for Children (Download)

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Grab our printable affirmation flashcards for children to practice a healthy, growth mindset.

The secret to success is failure.
A lot of failure!

But how do we teach this to children? How can we expect our kids to bounce back, try again or reach for the stars when it can hurt so badly when they fail??  The answer is that it’s a process. None of us wake one morning with a positive, growth mindset. It takes practice and intention. But, it IS possible. 

Affirmation Flashcards are a wonderful tool for engaging in mindful conversations with your children around mindset.

These beautifully designed flash cards are multipurpose for families practicing a healthy, positive mindset. Bedroom posters and decor are an additional function of these incredible cards.

Grab our bundle of fifteen downloadable affirmation flashcards for children.

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