Becoming Your Child's Emotional Coach - Online Parenting Program

Becoming Your Child's Emotional Coach - Online Parenting Program

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This group program is uniquely designed with the member’s experience in mind. Each member will have access to the training material for the lifetime of the program. Put simply, pay once and experience the program as many times as you want. I designed it this way for those of us who may need a second (or third!) visit. The content in this group program is simple but not always easy. Making life long changes takes time and we are here for you every step of the way. Each module has an online component for learning at your own pace while incorporating a live, online coaching event for those seeking group accountability and individualised support. This program includes a ten day money back guarantee because we believe in the amazing benefits of mindfulness and in you.

Become Your Child’s Emotional Coach Online Group Coaching

"What does my child need from me? How do I support them fully in the moment?"

If you are excited to learn how to boost your youngsters (or classrooms) resilience, confidence, listening, coping, affection, interactions (and more!) which results in calmer, happier kiddos, replacing aggression, defiance, disobedience and tantrums without relying on corporal punishment, bribes and threats this is the program for you!

Children don’t need to feel shame in order to learn how to make better decisions. They need an emotional coach and ample opportunity to self correct and practice resilient life skills.

Coaching Topics Include:


Understanding your little one’s behaviour and emotional development


Teaching youngsters early steps in reasoning


How to guide your child or student through aggressive behaviours


How to be an effective coach with your child(ren)


Defining your child’s need for risk and independence while supporting their growth mindset


Why most punishment doesn’t work and what to do instead

Learn how to be your child’s emotional coach! Create amazing connections while boosting your parenting confidence.

What Families are Saying

“Stephanie has an incredible ability to deliver such powerful information in a way that is simple to understand and doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. She has so much insight and shares it with such a passion. Thank you Stephanie!”

— Jess Kaucz

“Your explanation of the background behind those puzzling toddler behaviour make so much sense and so easy to remember that it helps me to keep my calm in the challenging situations.”

— Hoa Nguyen

“Stephanie Wicker is amazing!!!! Her passion and knowledge radiate as she shares such valuable information on how best to help children overcome difficulties in regards to their behavior.”

— Bree Hansen

Meet Stephanie

Simply Kids was created by behaviour specialist, Stephanie Wicker, as an avenue of support for parents, families and early childhood educators.  Our mission is to provide families with simple, sensible solutions to the challenges which may be interrupting their connection with their children, through home visits, parent coaching and practical online resources.

Challenging childhood behaviours like disobedience, defiance and aggression can trigger an emotional reaction in us as adults. When a person feels like they’re under attack, it leads to a defensive mindset which places a wedge between the adult and the child.

Our goal is to simplify why children do what they do and remove the wedge in the parent/child relationship during difficult behaviours.

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