Mighty Me - Children's Journal (ages 6-12)

Mighty Me - Children's Journal (ages 6-12)


The secret to success is failure.
A lot of failure!

But how do we teach this to children? How can we expect our kids to bounce back, try again or reach for the stars when it can hurt so badly when they fail??  The answer is that it’s a process. None of us wake one morning with a positive, growth mindset. It takes practice and intention. But, it IS possible. 

In my new children’s activity journal we cover over 200 activities and conversation starters for teaching your child or classroom a healthy, resilient mindset.

Are you interested in boosting your child’s resilience and positive thinking?

A collection of over 200 children’s activities for practicing a growth mindset.

This is a physical product and there is a waiting time before shipping. Please allow up to a week before shipping. We are a small business and I’m mailing each book from my home.

These bundles of love share over two hundred activities and conversation starters for families practicing a growth mindset. It only takes a few mindful minutes a day to create the best version of yourself.

Each page is beautifully designed to engage your children and stimulate creative, resilient thinking. From fill in the blank and thoughtful Q and A to mindfulness colouring pages, this journal has it all.

The glossy, laminated cover protects from daily wear and tear while the wire binding makes this easy to use. This exciting journal is best suited for children six years old and up (or when you believe they’re able to follow meaningful reasoning and problem solving).

What’s inside:
Positive Thinking
Growth Mindset
Self Esteem
Problem Solving
Defining Emotions
Expressing Emotions
Self Acceptance
Practicing Compassion
Introduction to Journalling
Colouring Pages
Mindful Posters
Positive Cut-outs
Provoking Q and A
Fill in the Blank
Mindset Lessons
and more!

Limited supply, grab your child’s copy and begin practicing resilience with your children today!

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growth mindset
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