How to raise resilient kids for a calmer, happier home.

Simply Kids is growing and so are opportunities for our friends!

Introducing our new referral program, Simply Kids Friends.

Simply Kids, is challenging adults to rethink how they are defining children’s behaviour.

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Tantrums, defiance and aggression are all natural responses in the brain during the early stages of development. Many parents and educators see these behaviours as personal attacks against them and a result of “naughty” children. Research tells us that that is simply not true.

While we may have good intentions, trying to change or control a child’s behaviour leads to disconnection and may even cause more “problem” behaviours to arise (sometimes unseen). This is why understanding brain development and how children learn behaviours should be the first step towards a peaceful home.

Our child-centred approach to behaviour helps parents and educators see beyond the behaviour and focus on the person.

Replace, “My child is always so difficult!” with “What does my child need from me?”.

Labels create a wall between adult and child preventing a calm, clear perspective and evoking an emotional reaction. Simply Kids breaks down those barriers by first defining the underlying motivation behind the most challenging behaviour. We do this through phone support, home visits and digital resources on our website.

Small businesses thrive when we come together as a community with a shared mission!

If you would like to support our mission while earning a small commission as a token of our appreciation, then read on…

The Simply Kids Friends program is an opportunity to earn passive income while sharing a concept you believe will create a better world. Supporting families and educators through early childhood including tantrums, defiance, disobedience and aggression.

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Our friends receive a financial incentive for each *successful referral of a first-time client.

Successful referral is described as a new client booking and attending a session, phone or in-home. Once full payment is received and session is completed, referrer will receive their incentive.

First time client means an individual that has not paid for services before this booking. Their first session type rewards the referrer with a 30% commission. Referrers are eligible for two commission payments because we offer two services (phone and in-home). For example, if you refer a new client to Simply Kids and they choose to book a phone session followed by a home visit, you will receive, after sessions are completed, 30% commission on both first-time session types equaling a fair sum of money!!

How does it work?

Okay, how does this all work? What do I need to do?

That’s easy. Simply Kids Friends only need to pass on the information to individuals they believe will benefit directly from our services. When first-time clients book with our scheduling app or admin team there will be an option to fill in, “Who referred you to our services?”. Be clear that this needs to filled-in in order to receive your commission. This confirms your endeavors and allows Simply Kids to contact you immediately for payment details.

And, that’s it! Helping families raise resilient, confident and compassionate adults.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns regarding our Simply Kids Friends program.

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