Welcome to the Member’s Area for Becoming Your Child’s Emotional Coach.

Over our time together we will be sharing family time activities that focus on specific life skills for your children, group classes where we will dive deep into positive parenting and teaching solutions and bonus reading materials and downloads. Meet like minded parents by joining our member’s only Facebook group.

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Great to meet you!

If we haven’t already met, I am thrilled to have you in here! I am sure we will cross paths once you begin the classes and join our member’s only Facebook community. Until then, please settle in and have a look around this member’s area of my website.

A great place to start is downloading our planner worksheets. In this download you will be taken through the process of creating intentional, positive goals for your family and sensible ways to turn those goals in habits. I have also thrown in a daily tracker for parents eager to view their progress.

For those of you wishing to get the most from this experience we urge you to take full advantage of all this member’s area and Facebook community have to offer. Please check in daily when possible to access the latest uploads to the site and conversations in the group.

Enjoy those kiddos!


Coaching Classes

Enjoy evidence based classes created to support your growth and development as a parent or educator. “Parenting doesn’t get easier over time, you get better at it!”


Download Bonus E-book


Calm, Happy Families: An Introduction to CBT for Families

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a tool for creating happier, calmer minds. How often have you wished to be a calmer parent? How often have you regretted an outburst or unjust decision because you were overwhelmed, frustrated and emotional?

Change your habits, change your life through CBT.

CBT has played a big role in counselling sessions for decades. It has helped countless people overcome anxiety, depression, anger, obsessive behaviours, guilt, poor self-esteem, the list goes on. Positive thinking isn’t about unicorns and fairy dust (although those things are awesome!) it is about understanding the impact our thoughts have on our lives. We all strive for positively charged lives but not all of us accomplish that. CBT bridges the gap between what we want and what we get.

This digital book includes evidence-based activities. Download here.


Grab your family’s weekly activities and embrace the life lessons with your children.