Are you struggling with tantrums, aggression and defiance at home? Have your consequences fallen flat time after time? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by your child's "acting out"? Is it creating a barrier between you and your little one whenever challenging behaviours crop up?

If you are reading this nodding your head, than hold on to your hat because that is all about to change! Behaviour workshops equip parents and teachers with the tools to create a real change. Let's start by breaking down some common misconceptions about behaviour. First, problem behaviour does not mean that you are a bad parent nor that your child is a "naughty" demon kid! This is so important. We all act out when our needs are not being met. That is natural brain work. Secondly, children do not need to feel bad in order to do better. Evidence has shown that, ironically, the opposite is true. So, let's drop all the punishment that ain't working anyway! Lastly, your consequences are falling flat most likely due to they are not suited to the purpose behind your kiddo's choices. There is always a motivation pushing your child's behaviour. We will help you find that motivation and use it to strengthen your connection and compassion amidst the chaos.

Behaviour Topics

How to Talk so Kids Listen
No Pain Punishment
Diffusing Defiance and Aggression


Parenting Class: How to Talk so Kids will Listen

This class is for any parent feeling overwhelmed by their young child’s disobedience. Tired of hearing “NO!” when you ask your child to put on their shoes? Feel invisible whenever your child is ignoring you? This is the class for you!

Suitable for families with 2-10 year olds.

You will learn:

  • Why children don’t listen: 3 D’s of Disobedience

  • How emotional thinking affects obedience and connection

  • What areas to target primarily for boosting first time listening

  • TEN simple ways you can talk to your children and get things done!

You will walk away:

  • Feeling confident as a parent knowing why your child struggles sometimes to listen

  • Having clarity around your child’s emotional development

  • Be prepared for the next time your child is refusing to listen

  • Having the tools to move forward as a team with your family members

Parenting Class: NO PAIN Punishment: Why most punishment doesn't work and what to do instead

Parents of all ages can benefit from learning what current behaviour studies have to say about punishment. Questioning your approach to challenging behaviour? Worried you are taking it too far or being overly permissive? Learn everything you need to know about why most punishment does not work and exactly what to do instead to radically shape behaviour in your home.


Suitable for families of all ages using punishment at home.

You will learn:

  • How behaviour science defines punishment

  • Why punishment should not be a parent’s fallback during challenging behaviour

  • Why punishment is a natural response for parents and how to begin shaping our reactive emotional nature to behaviour

  • The four reasons most punishment does not work

  • How to have a healthy approach to punishment that supports connection and emotional development

  • Step by step examples of two commonly used evidence-based punishment techniques taught by developmental psychologists

Parenting Class: Diffusing Defiance and Aggression

Feel like every day is a battle? Tired of being hit or seeing your other children getting hurt because one child has big emotions? This class is for any parent, carer or educator feeling overwhelmed or baffled by their child’s aggressive, defiant behaviour.


Suitable for families with 2-7 year olds.

You will learn:

  • Common reasons children are defiant.

  • What is motivating your child’s most aggressive behaviour.

  • Three key areas to focus your attention with your aggressive child.

  • What to do in the moment when challenging behaviours are kicking in.

  • Take away family time activities that gently replace defiance and aggression.

  • Individualised support strategies through group QandA time.

Thanks so much Stephanie! Great session. Was so helpful to have hubby there too and get us on the same page. Put several of the top 10 in practice this afternoon and worked a treat.
You’re so energetic and clearly passionate about children’s behaviour and helping parents! You even got through to my sceptical husband.
Thanks Stephanie! I really enjoyed it and your workshop gave me a lot of confidence in what I’m doing and know what I have to improve on
Stephanie Wicker-Campbell Thanks it was really empowering and interesting to attend your workshop!
Thanks Steph and everyone for a great workshop. Definitely keen to learn more.

Learn How to Talk so Kids will Listen - A Class for Parents and Educators


We ask attendees to set aside two hours for learning in a group setting with snacks provided. Locations and prices are subject to change and will be emailed to all our guests via this newsletter. There is hope for your family's happiness and we will help you find it!

Behaviour coaching empowers kids for a brighter future by giving parents the tools to instill developmental skills such as self-esteem, self-soothing and self-control from an early age. 

Simply Kids' child-centred approach is evidence-based solutions built around the concept that children act out in order to get their needs met as best they know how. Children are not “bad” people that are out to “get us” or make us feel bad about ourselves. With appropriate and loving support, any child has the ability to learn and develop their self-esteem, self-soothing and self-regulation skills that, ultimately, create happier, more confident children. 

Workshops are designed by Stephanie Wicker to equip parents and educators with proven, gentle solutions to defiance, tantrums, aggression and disobedience through actionable tools so simple anyone can use them and find quick success.